Fool, by Christopher Moore (2009)

FoolFool by Christopher Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Imagine King Lear rewritten by the Shaun of the Dead team, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.

That's not quite Fool, but you get the idea. Fool takes King Lear, and retells it from the point of view of Pocket, Lear's court jester. More specifically, Pocket was assigned to Cordelia.

Lear divides his kingdom between Regan and Goneril, banishes Cordelia, then finds himself plotted against.

Pocket receives advice from a smart-alecky ghost (she at one point mounts Drool, Pocket's apprentice, who is happy till he learns he's schtupping a ghost).

There is plenty of bawdy behavior in Fool, and some hysterically inventive vulgarity.

To say I laughed aloud would be understatement; I howled.

Like Chris Moore's best, Fool has steady pacing and rhythm. I didn't find any real slow spots, and he did an excellent job mixing Shakespeare's classic tragedy with an alternate point of view.

And frequent use of the word "Fuckstockings," which was not in the original.

There are some liberties taken, but Moore explains these in his Afterword.

A couple decades ago, I had to read King Lear for my Shakespeare's Later Plays course at college. Though The Tempest was my favorite, I remember liking Lear quite a bit. I do not remember having nearly this much fun doing so.

Highly Recommended

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