The Booth At The End (2011-TV)

I don’t usually review TV shows here, and I honestly don’t know if this little gem was ever broadcast anywhere.

“The Booth At The End” has five episodes, each of which is 25-ish minutes. The excellent Xander Berkeley stars as an unnamed man who sits in a diner–wait for it—in the booth at the end. People come to him when they want things. He agrees to their offer, and sets them a task. The characters and their stories intertwine, and not every wish comes true exactly how the client wanted.

It’s sort of like “Fantasy Island” meets “Needful Things,” except that Xander Berkeley is just creepy as the guy. He has this notebook and pen, and is always drinking tea or orange juice, or eating diner food. I know that’s what one does in a diner, but it’s like he’s always there, day & night. He’s working for The Universe somehow, and Berkeley’s quiet voice, scruffy beard, and blue eyes are perfect.

The supporting cast is amazing, too.

In a way, I’m glad this series was only five short episodes: no chance to get anywhere near jumping the shark. Plus, it ended perfectly.

It’s a quirky little show, and it’s available on

Just awesome, and highly recommended.

Grade: A




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5 Responses to The Booth At The End (2011-TV)

  1. Lauri says:

    Oooo. It sounds very cool.
    I’m writing it down!


  2. gingersister says:

    I loved this show too. I heard there was going to be a second series. I would like that. It was very thought provoking.


    • tomzone says:

      I’d love to see another season! This show was vaguely disturbing, in that you wonder if the Universe really works like that. Then again, Mandy Patinkin ran grim reapers out of Der Waffle Haus, so I guess it’s possible.


  3. stevebetz says:

    I’ve never heard of this — sounds very interesting. Will definitely check it out!


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