Griffin’s Storm (Griffin #3), by Darby Karchut (2012)

Griffin's Storm (Griffin #3)Griffin's Storm by Darby Karchut
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"Griffin's Storm" sees old enemies become friends, other old enemies become even worse and more powerful enemies, a couple new friends, and a whole bunch of action.

Darby Karchut's "Griffin" series just keeps getting better, book by book, and "Griffin's Storm" shows her at the top of her game.

One summer day, Griffin's cruel former Mentor, Nicopolis--supposedly in Middle East exile--suddenly pops back up in Colorado, more powerful and evil than ever. Worse yet, he's assembled a posse dead set on smiting not only Griffin, but all Earth and Fire Terrae Angeli. So, Griffin, his mentor, Basil, and his grudging brother-figure, Sergei, set off for an isolated lodge, where the Terrae Angeli will have an easier time protecting him.

Except for that whole "more powerful and evil than ever" bit about Nicopolis and his band of thugs.

From beginning to end, "Griffin's Storm" is non-stop action. From the easiest rescue to a simple barbecue with friends, seemingly everything turns dangerous when Griffin's around.

One of the inherent joys of this series is seeing Griffin evolve and grow as a Terrae Angelus, even as he still remains a typical 16 year-old boy. His angelic powers are stronger; his control, more refined. Angelic powers or no, Griffin still argues with his Mentor, and gets in silly fights with Sergei.

While Griffin hides out with his guardians, he's put through advanced training by another Mentor, and has to fend off Nicopolis' minions on a few occasions. Despite these trials, one of Griffin's biggest challenges is that he misses his girlfriend, Katie. He even has to contend with jealousy, as Katie spends more time with Griffin's best friend, Cas. Add to that a feisty teenaged Terrae Angelus--who happens to be a cute red-haired girl named Vassar--and Griffin gets even more confused.

For better or worse, Griffin doesn't have much time for jealousy or romance, since he has powerful, relentless enemies, who just won't leave him alone.

Even with the steady action throughout "Griffin's Storm", the climax is a hugely satisfying showstopper, and the denouement perfectly sets up a fourth Griffin novel.

Darby Karchut has created an amazing anomaly with her Griffin novels: a world full of beautifully drawn characters and brilliant plot twists and turns, all written so that anyone can enjoy them. The dialogue is realistic and sharp, and the story doesn't pander to any demographic. These books are just pure fun, accessible to any reader.

Very highly recommended.

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