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The Fallen Star, by Jessica Sorensen (2011)

The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen My rating: 4 of 5 stars Gemma is the quintessential loner. She lives with her emotionally distant grandparents, and spends all of her time at school completely alone. Unlike most teenaged girls, whose emotions … Continue reading

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Wonderland…sorta: Malice in Wonderland (2009), and Alice (1988)

Because it’s my night off–and because I’m on cold meds–I found two retellings of “Alice in Wonderland,” and figured they’d be perfect. “Malice in Wonderland” was first. A young American woman is hit by a taxi, and finds herself with … Continue reading

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Becket (1964)

Montgomery Clift once said, “Richard Burton doesn’t act. He just recites.” In the 1964 film “Becket”–a film based verrrry loosely on the relationship between King Henry II and Thomas a Becket–Burton was cast as Beckett, alongside Peter O’Toole as Henry. … Continue reading

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Who, What, Where, When, Die, by Amanda M. Lee (2011)

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“My Cross to Bear,” by Gregg Allman (2012)

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XXY (2007)

One of the difficulties of being a teenager is dealing with sex. Sure, there’s the question of whether or not to have it–or with whom–but I’m referring to broader issues, like how one fits him or herself into the sexual … Continue reading

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Radio Bikini (1988)

“Radio Bikini” is aptly named. Much of the audio in this amazing 52-minute documentary¬† comes from the Mutual and NBC Radio Networks’ coverage of “Operation Crossroads,” where the U.S. Army and Navy conducted two atomic bomb tests. It’s galling to … Continue reading

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Clapton: The Autobiography, by Eric Clapton (2007)

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Damascus Road, by Ellen C. Maze

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My Demon, by Lisa Hinsley (2011)

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