Entangled, by Nikki Jefford (2012)

Entangled (Spellbound #1)Entangled by Nikki Jefford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a twin is hard. My ex had twins, and they faced constant challenges to find their own friends, their own identities, to gain some separation from their former womb-mate. As difficult it is for any twins, identical twins have it especially rough. (Fortunately, my ex had a boy and a girl, so it was a little easier)

Charlene and Graylee Perez are identical twins who could not be more different. Graylee is laid-back, a jeans and sweaters kind of girl. Charlene is obsessed with being popular: she diets constantly, dates only star athletes, and spends huge amounts of time, effort, and money on her wardrobe.

To say that the sisters aren't especially close would be putting it mildly. They view each other with a sort of obligatory exasperation--they have to coexist, obviously, but they don't have to be one another's best friends. They have their own friends at school and in the Coven.

Oh, yeah: Charlene, Graylee, and their mother are witches.

One April 1st, Graylee wakes up, and she's horrified to find she's wearing one of her sister's lacy, silky nighties instead of her favored cotton sleep shorts and t-shirt. She doesn't worry too much. She gets ready for school. When she arrives, she's treated most bizarrely at every turn. People look at her with distaste, and her teacher asks her what she's doing in his class. Then he drags her off to the Guidance Counselor's office.

It turns out, Graylee died suddenly on February ninth. By virtue of a reanimation spell gone wrong, Graylee and Charlene now share Charlene's body, each one having control for 24 hours at a time (3am is the changeover every night). Because it's Charlene's body, Graylee has to act the role of her sister, hanging out with popular, vacuous girls, being groped by Charlene's boyfriend, Blake, and being a really good French student--Graylee has taken five years of Spanish. Oops.

Their act doesn't fool everyone, though. A few kids from the coven--including a hunky outlier named Raj--figure things out, and help the sisters pull off their charade.

Over time, Graylee begins to notice that bad things seem to happen to Charlene's enemies. Is it the work of some powerful friends? Or is there more to Charlene than Graylee ever believed. Even worse, could Charlene have had something to do with her own twin's death?

"Entangled" is a fun book. There are enough twists to keep the reader interested, and I like the idea of two souls sharing one body, just not simultaneously (especially when Charlene gets rid of all Graylee's clothes during her turn in the body, and puts a protection spell on her own wardrobe to fend off retaliation). Through having to see--literally--through her sister's eyes, Graylee appreciates how complicated it is for Charlene to be Charlene. It also gives her the opportunity to question how she deals with some of those problems.

Nikki Jefford presents "Entangled" almost exclusively through Graylee's point-of-view, and does a wonderful job showing how confusing and just plain unnatural the situation is for her. As Graylee learns more, Ms Jefford increases the tension nicely, leading to a satisfying--yet incomplete--conclusion: satisfying, in that I really like how things are left. The incomplete part is fine, also, because this is but the first book in a planned trilogy.

Finally, I like the way the author presents high school students. Without resorting to huge amounts of profanity, Ms Jefford does manage to convey that some of these high school kids are--GASP--sexually active. This, we imagine, is why Charlene leaves Graylee a note telling her NEVER to sleep with Blake--it would be like he was cheating. Sorta.

I look forward to book two. There are plenty of delicious possibilities, and I'm curious to see just where Graylee, Charlene, Raj, and the gang go from here.


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