The Vision, by Jessica Sorensen (2011)

The Vision (The Fallen Star, #3)The Vision by Jessica Sorensen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's my friend Amy's birthday next week. I think she'll be 27. However, when we were chatting the other night, I joked that she'd finally be old enough to drink legally (21), and that I hoped she remembered more of her 30th birthday than I did. She shot back, "No WAY you're aging me nine years in one conversation."

In many ways, I feel like that's me with Jessica Sorensen's "The Fallen Star" series. The first two novels in the series were addictive and beautifully told, and the third keeps up the same standard.

Once again, many things happen in "The Vision." Gemma learns a lot about her newly discovered powers, even picking up some new skills along the way. And Lord knows there are plenty of brushes with danger, plenty of chances to die. Somehow, Gemma survives.

What I love about this series, though, is that Ms Sorensen is not obviously manipulative. The dangers lurk when the group has to perform small errands and tasks--things vital to their world-saving mission. Some books bash the reader with action sequences, as if they're trying to say, "look how exciting my book is! Nonstop thrills! Action!"

In "The Vision," as in the first two books in the series, the story drives the action sequences. The story is paramount, and the action evolves organically therefrom. One huge benefit to us as readers is that we have time to assimilate all the new information we're given.

Gemma is on a rapid journey of self-discovery, and some of her new activities are so draining, that she'll pass out for a day or three. While she's asleep, during the occasional and brief down-times, we have a few minutes for all this new wonder to soak in.

Good thing, because I'd have a hell of a time sleeping in the middle of one of these books.


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