The Camp, by Karice Bolton (2013)

The CampThe Camp by Karice Bolton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Emma didn't want to go to camp in the first place. It's the summer before she starts college, and her 18th birthday is just a couple weeks away, but her cruel stepfather decided that Emma would spend her summer at a place called Re-Boot Camp in the southeast Alaska wilderness.

Emma knows she's in for unpleasant times when there were some seriously tough punks on the tiny airplane en route. Her instincts are right: every other camper there has a criminal record.

As she gets off the plane, she meets hunky Liam, the camp's handyman, whose unofficial job becomes beating the shit out of anyone who hassles Emma. Within a few hours, they are gazing meaningfully at one another, touching each other, obviously wanting to add to the camp's wild-life problem.


There's a terrible storm the first few days of camp. The weather cleared, and that's when bad things started happening, things that threatened the very lives of everyone at Re-Boot Camp.

"The Camp" is a nice-enough read. The story moved along quickly, and there was suspense. My biggest problem, though, was that I didn't buy Emma. Here's a reasonably smart girl, who spent most of her life with her rich father, and she ends up at a camp for wayward kids. Okay. Her stepfather's an asshole, so him sending her there is within reason.

But she ends up being a total martinet. She isn't in the least bit cowed by the twelve FELONS who are her fellow campers. Also, she's a city/suburban girl stuck in the middle of a thick forest, and when things get rough, she ends up hanging with the Camp Leaders, telling people what to do. From the first night, hunky Liam spends his nights in her tent. There's no mounting going on, but it seems like the Camp Leaders would point out the impropriety of an adult male sleeping in a minor female's tent, even if nothing happens. Also, their constant PDA's would doubtless attract attention and fuel animosity among the other campers, very few of whom are developed even slightly--they're like the red shirted Star Trek characters, undifferentiated space-holders who get killed a lot.

I digress: to me, the transition from "Hi, my name is _____" to acting like life-partners was way too quick.

"The Camp" would be an awesome novel for YA-Romance fans looking for a perfect beach book. The romance was definitely there, but I swear by everything holy, my cynical pancreas was going to explode if Emma mentioned Liam's warm caramel eyes again, and I'm certain I'd yark if she spoke again of his abs. Thank the gods it was too cold to sleep naked, or who knows what anatomical part she'd be gushing over next.

To be fair, I'm waaaaay outside this book's target audience. Imagine The Camp's target audience is in southeastern Alaska, and I'm here in Florida. There's that much disparity.

I think Karice Bolton has written a novel that super-serves her target audience. This book is perfect for young teen girls, and perhaps only them. They will adore "The Camp," and I highly recommend it to them. (Especially if they're fans of warm, caramel-colored eyes (oh, hell. There goes my pancreas))

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