Legions (The Watchers Trilogy #2), by Karice Bolton (2011)

Legions (The Watchers Trilogy, #2)Legions by Karice Bolton
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"Legions" is the second in Karice Bolton's "The Watchers" trilogy, and once again Athen, Arie, Ana, and Cyril are faced with their task of battling dark demons.

At the end of the first book, Athen was taken. Ana, whose power of "seeing" manifests in her dreams, keeps seeing her boyfriend hanging with a really hot demon woman. Indeed, they're hanging out at their local Starbuck's. Ouch. Not only is she not supposed to approach him--this because it could cause him to jump to another location and be harder to find--but worse yet, this Starbuck's is really convenient for her.

So while Athen is off with hot demon-chick, Arie and Cyril do their best to keep Ana occupied. The work on training her to fight, since fighting seems to be most definitely on the agenda. Ana does well.

Around the halfway point of "Legions," Athen returns. Hooray! He doesn't require a lot of re- or deprogramming, better yet. Plus, his fighting skills are going to be needed.

The dark demons are growing in number, as well as in attacks against humans. In the media, these attacks are blamed on cougars, despite their being no cougarly evidence at the site.

The four listen to Ana's visions, and prepare for the impending battle. When it comes, it is fierce, but our plucky heroes manage to survive this round.

Despite winning the battle, in the end, the group gets a shock from which they may not recover.

"Legions" did not move me as much as book one in the trilogy, "Awakening." The first book had all kinds of new things to show us, a whole new mythology to reveal to us as well as the character. This time out, we basically spend half the book listening to Ana pine for her missing Athen, then the second half listening to her talk about how glad her missing Athen has been returned to her. It got tedious, especially once he was found.

The battle scenes were well done, but they were awfully short.

I have a theory about trilogies, that the second book is always the weakest: book one has the whole "getting to know you" benefit, where we meet the characters and their world for the first time. Book three, ostensibly, has the big climax. Stuck in the middle, like a seedling without direct sunlight, is small, weak book two.

I think some of that is true with "Legions." I also think there's an issue with the YA-Paranormal/YA-Romance genres. I think "The Watchers" trilogy is trying to be a YA-Paranormal series, but this godforsaken romantic gushing oozes forth all the time. It bogs down the plot of the book. Seriously, demons are about to kill us all, and Ana is sitting there gushing over how cute Athen looks in a t-shirt. Good Lord, woman! The Pacific Northwest is about to be set ablaze by these horrid demons! Just mount him and get it out of your system so you can think. Sheesh.

Ana was a much more interesting character when she was trying to get her mind and spirit back. In the second installment, she becomes a little whiny here, a little gushy there. When she's confident and fighting, she's awesome.

"Legions" is by no means a bad book. I didn't feel the freshness and wonder I did with "Awakening," but I learned a little more about this whole demon hierarchy, and how it works, so that was good. And, except for Ana gushing over/pining for Athen nonstop, it advanced the story.

Middle books of trilogies are like middle relief pitchers in baseball. They're not the starter, who throws five or six innings, and they aren't the closer who saves the game. They come in unspectacularly, pitch a few innings, then leave. The closer comes in for the ninth. Mows down his hitters, and gets the save. Here's hoping book three is up to it. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

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