15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4, “What was the last book you flung across the room?”

15-day-challengeThe last literary projectile I fired was a Lee Child “Jack Reacher” novel. It was fine–I had no quarrel with the book. I just had a med-induced rage spike and had to throw something. Being as it was a Jack Reacher novel, it stormed back across the room and kicked my ass.


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B.A. in Literature, Minor in Film Theory and Criticism, thus meaning all I’m trained is to write blog posts here. Neptune is my favorite planet–it vents methane into the solar system like my brother does. I think Chicken McNuggets look like Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana. There are times when I’m medicated, which is why I wrote about McNuggets. Buy some today and tell me I’m wrong! Anyway, Beyond that: mammal, Floridian, biped.Good Night, and Good Luck. Besos, tom
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4 Responses to 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 4, “What was the last book you flung across the room?”

  1. Lurkertype says:

    You could have kicked the movie’s ass, though.

    It’s much harder to throw novels across the room with an e-reader. I mean, I can’t punish the other 800 books. Angrily deleting isn’t nearly as fun. Not up to throwing with great force or even tossing aside lightly.


  2. tom says:

    I concur. Throwing an e-reader might be satisfying for a moment, but after the whole “HOLY CARP! I HAVE TO REPLACE MY KINDLE” thing sets in, it would kill the buzz.

    When they announced Tom Cruise would play Reacher, even my mom reacted with derision–“That pipsqueak can’t play Reacher!”


  3. stevebetz says:

    No matter how crappy a book is, I don’t think I’ve ever tossed one across the room.


    • tom says:

      I’ve never tossed a book in anger against the book. This was a product of complete, uncontrollable, psychotropic-related rage. The book and the cat were the only throwable objects within reach, and I knew only one of the two would claw out my jugulars while I slept. (It would NOT have been the book) 😉


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