15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6 “Describe How You Shop for Books”

15-day-challengeI’m big on the Amazon Wish List. When I read a Goodreads or book blog review about a new book that sounds interesting, I’ll add it to my Amazon Wish List. When it’s payday, or I get my birthday or Christmas Amazon Gift Certificate, I’ll look through my Wish List. I don’t buy everything on it. I sort of pick and choose. A book that looked like a “must-read!” three months ago might not look so interesting today.

Also, I belong to a site called e-reader love.com . Every day, they feature between 15 and 100 free books for Kindle. Some are indie published; some are from traditional publishers. Many of them are less than splendid, but I’ve gotten into some great series from that page. They’ll have book one of a trilogy, for example. I’ll read that, then buy two and three. That’s how I found Lori Otto’s “Emi Lost and Found” trilogy, which I absolutely loved (talk about books that will wring you dry emotionally. Sheesh.. Good stuff). Also, occasionally, I stumble upon other bloggers advising about limited time sales on books. (For example, “Lost & Found, book one of Lori Otto’s awesome trilogy, is on sale right now for 99-cents at Amazon, and the novella prequel is free!”)  A lot of times, those will be for the first book in a series. I’ll take a chance on that, then pick up the other books  if that one hooks me.

As far as ARC’s, I look through what’s available and find titles that sound interesting. Sometimes it’s a book by a favorite author (Kathy Reichs’s new “Bones” novel). Other times, I’ll spot a biography of someone interesting, or a history book that sounds cool. There’s no real rhyme or reason to my choices there.

So, basically I buy my books from Amazon. I find titles A) through other bloggers’ recommendations, B) discount offers, or C) if I get hooked on a series, and I must have the subsequent books now.

Whew. There’s a 342-word answer to a reasonably simple question. Happy Sunday.

Besos, t


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3 Responses to 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6 “Describe How You Shop for Books”

  1. Lurkertype says:

    ereaderperks has free books in all formats (even Kobo!), and of course B&N has Free Fridays, where they give you a book (from a major publisher) and an app for free, and then people subsequently post other free books divided up by genre. I think I have the first book of about 100 different series, though not so much the 2nd, 3rd, 8th. Although I’ve noticed that in many cases of ongoing series, they make the 2nd one free just as the 3rd is published, and so on. It puts me a year behind, but OTOH I’m cheap.

    And of course “People What Done Bought This Boughten That Too” is good.


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