15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7, Talk About Your Blogging Quirks

  • 15-day-challengeLike my friend Kelly, I like to start my review as soon as I finish the book. It’s very rare that I’ll postpone a review till later in the week or month, which could be tempting since many of the ARC’s I read won’t be published till months after I read them.
  • Even though book blogging has no hard & fast rules, I still try to write in journalistic form. I want a hook at the top, nice flow between paragraphs, and a sharp close.
  • My biggest weakness is a tendency to over-summarize the story. I’m trying not to do that as much.
  • Very few books are just soup-to-nuts perfect. If there’s something minor that bugs me about a great book, I’ll mention it, but point out that it was a tiny little complaintlet. Similarly, even the most horrible books tend to have one redeeming trait. When I two-starred “Tender is the Night,” for example, I went off on the nebulous plot and flat characters, but I still gave F. Scott Fitzgerald credit for having some lovely imagery and beautiful prose. It was the truth.
  • If I review a book that has been published, I’ll copy the review to Amazon.com. However, if I trash a book–especially with Indie authors–I won’t put it on Amazon. I don’t want my two-star rating next to the author’s name and the “Purchase” button.
  • My language and tone differ from review to review, depending on what book I read. My review of “Rape Girl” is very serious, where my review of a lighthearted YA-Paranorma. novel might be a lot snarkier. I let the book’s style dictate my own. Unless, of course, the book is serious and terrible, in which case I’ll destroy it with fusillades of sarcasm missiles.
  • I just write for myself. I’m not trying to create a blogging persona or anything. I’m just some guy who enjoys reading books and writing about them, so that’s what I do. I let the review come out naturally, then sharpen it during the edit.
  • If anyone reads my reviews and develops an opinion about a book, that’s just really awesome gravy.
  • Those are the basic quirks I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there are more I haven’t identified.
  • More likely, I’m just in denial. 😉

Happy Tuesday. Besos, t


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B.A. in Literature, Minor in Film Theory and Criticism, thus meaning all I’m trained is to write blog posts here. Neptune is my favorite planet–it vents methane into the solar system like my brother does. I think Chicken McNuggets look like Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana. There are times when I’m medicated, which is why I wrote about McNuggets. Buy some today and tell me I’m wrong! Anyway, Beyond that: mammal, Floridian, biped.Good Night, and Good Luck. Besos, tom
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