15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 9, “Why Do You Blog About Books?”

15-day-challengeBecause I could never master the spelling and grammatical subtleties of “I can haz cheezburger?” (sp?)

I love to read–that’s nothing new–and I originally joined Goodreads a few years ago simply as a way to keep track of the books I’d read. I didn’t plan on starting to write reviews, they just sort of happened.

Between majoring in Literature and minoring in Film Studies, much of my college education was basically “read/watch this, then write an analysis.” I had a job at the school newspaper as a film and music critic. Again, “watch/listen to this, and write a review.” Later, I reviewed cd’s for a small trade magazine: “listen to this, and write a review.”

That’s basically the main thing I’ve been trained to do. (I exaggerate, of course, but I did always seem to be analyzing or reviewing things)

This blog–Books and Movies and Crap–started off with film reviews. I was a general blogger, but whenever I watched a good movie, I’d post a review of it. It made me realize how much I missed the critical thinking and writing. Last spring and summer, I was sick, and I couldn’t read, but I could and did watch a bunch of movies. Most of the movies I was reviewing were things few people had seen–old movies, foreign films, etc. If one person reading the blog saw a 1970’s Chantal Ackerman film, or went way back to see Buster Keaton’s masterpiece, “The General,” I felt good. If not, I could think that maybe somebody would be looking through Netflix or Hulu (or YouTube, for “Lost Weekend,” starring Ray Milland), the title would ring a bell, and they’d watch a film outside their normal comfort zone.

As soon as I was able to read again, I got busy once more with Goodreads. At some point, it made sense to me to combine the book and film reviews into one location, and that’s where Books and Movies and Crap came from. The more I’ve read, the more I’ve moved into reviewing ARC’s, which has been a joy and a challenge. I have so many interests, and I end up with such an eclectic variety of titles, that sometimes it’s hard to focus on a book I need to finish and review within a day or two.

One more plus about book-blogging is that I’ve met some extraordinary people who also blog. Some of them I agree with more than others, but it’s nice to read smart people writing intelligently about books. I follow blogs of people from 13 to their 80’s. There’s a certain community feel, and I like knowing that somebody out there reads my work.

My job is so mundane and uninspiring. Book-blogging makes me feel connected to thoughts and ideas, to being smart again after another mind-numbing shift.

Mostly, though, it’s all about the books. I just love to read. Making a permanent record of  my books-read list, along with a few hundred words of commentary on each? It just adds to the joy, solidifies it, makes it forever palpable. It gives me the chance to go back and savor what a given book meant to me. I suspect “love of books” would be most bloggers’ answer. I’m 99% in agreement with that.

The other 1%? The damn Cheezburger disconnect.

Happy Thursday.  Besos, t


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B.A. in Literature, Minor in Film Theory and Criticism, thus meaning all I’m trained is to write blog posts here. Neptune is my favorite planet–it vents methane into the solar system like my brother does. I think Chicken McNuggets look like Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Indiana. There are times when I’m medicated, which is why I wrote about McNuggets. Buy some today and tell me I’m wrong! Anyway, Beyond that: mammal, Floridian, biped.Good Night, and Good Luck. Besos, tom
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