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(A MUST for fans of Kubrick’s “The Shining”) “Room 237” (2012)

I just reviewed Stephen King’s new sequel to “The Shining,” “Doctor Sleep.” It’s an excellent novel—five stars out of five. So this seemed like the perfect occasion to write a few words about “Room 237,” a documentary about various conspiracy … Continue reading

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Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King (2013)

Stephen King has created some amazing characters in his career, and in the process of creating them, I think he’s become a character himself, far more so than other equally prolific writers. King is the guy who doesn’t just write … Continue reading

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The World Without US (2008);

“The World Without US” is a documentary asking a simple question: what if we pulled our military out of other countries, and used it only to defend ourselves? The filmmakers talk to a number of people, and they gather a … Continue reading

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At Her Feet, by Rebekah Weatherspoon (2013)

(nb: I received an Advance Review Copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley) One night, while waiting for her porn to load, Suzanne Kim tires of surfing the gossip sites, and just on a lark checks her Kinklife … Continue reading

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Charisma, by Barbara Hall (2013)

Fairly Charming “Charisma”   Barbara Hall’s novel “Charisma” is aptly titled. The heroine is named Sarah Lange, and she’s a charismatic new patient at a mental institution. Unlike most of her fellow guests, she’s there by choice. She’s come to … Continue reading

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There Will Be Blood (2007)

Good Lord, what a movie. Honestly, I can’t think of the last time I watched a two-and-a-half hour movie and didn’t check the clock once. “There Will Be Blood” stars Daniel Day Lewis as miner turned oil prospector Daniel Day … Continue reading

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Merrick, by Ken Bruen (2013)

Merrick By Ken Bruen Terse and Gritty, as a Proper Mystery Should Be So a Jewish guy and an Irish guy walk into a bar… And that is where Ken Bruen’s latest mystery “Merrick” begins. To be fair, the Jewish … Continue reading

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