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My Father My Lord

  I didn’t realize how perfect a title “My Father My Lord” was until I started this review. Menahem Eidelman is a young boy—nine or ten—and he’s filled with curiosity about the world. His mother, Esther, is a young woman, … Continue reading

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Thirteen Days (2000)

“Thirteen Days” is a thriller about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and how things were worked out, both officially, and through back-channels. President John F. Kennedy had much of his meetings’ dialogue taped, so the screenplay is almost dead-on. Also, Bruce … Continue reading

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2013: The Top Fives

2013 Top Five Books All Fiction Books: 1)      If You Find Me, by Emily Murdoch. This book moved me the whole way through, and then wouldn’t let me go for a week or two. A spectacular novel. (Also #1 YA) … Continue reading

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