Ariel, by Sylvia Plath (rev. version 2014)

As it says in the Goodreads summation, this is a restructuring of the “Ariel” originally released, as edited by Sylvia Plath’s husband, Ted Hughes. Hughes included other poems for release in England and the USA, and deleted others.

This version of “Ariel” is restored to Plath’s original order by her daughter, Frieda Hughes, according to notes she left on her desk prior to her suicide.

The poems here are dark, sometimes angry. Many of them are veiled shots at her husband’s infidelities, while others are straightforward tomes about her later fascination with beekeeping.

These poems lack meter and rhyme. They are free-form–Sylvia Plath is the anti-Dr. Seuss, if that gives you any idea.

This is a slim volume, just 82 pages in print It’s short, but–restored to its intended form–it packs a wallop.


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2 Responses to Ariel, by Sylvia Plath (rev. version 2014)

  1. I read the original Ariel, edited by Ted Hughes; but the edition that gives the intended result is edited by her daughter, Frieda Hughes.


    • tom says:

      Thanks for pointing out my omission. This, indeed, is the Frieda Hughes corrected edition, and I’ve amended my review to point that out. Thanks for stopping by.


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