Holy Bible – Best God Damned Version – Genesis, by Steve Ebling (2013)

Warning: If you are one who takes the Bible as being absolute Gospel (pardon the pun), this book will most likely offend you.

However, if you are willing to embrace the various quirks and foibles of the Book of Genesis–and you’re not afraid of a little satire and profanity–you’ll probably laugh. A lot.

This book has an infectious, storytelling tone and rhythm that had me laughing out loud, a lot more than a commentary on Genesis normally would.

Author Steve Ebling admits to being an Atheist, which doesn’t mean he can’t study scripture. He makes some valid points, but mainly he has a ball with his analysis of Genesis, and the joy was infectious. In the preface, he talks of his plan to do continue until he’s aimed his contradiction-finding, fun-making guns at the entire Bible.

I hope he does. That would be a fun and interesting read.


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