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Requiem (2006) and The Raven (2012)

There was just something odd about Michaela Klingler. She was pretty enough, in a plain way, but something had set her apart from her high school classmates. First off, she was an extremely pious Catholic girl in the 1970’s, when … Continue reading

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The Shining (1980)

“The Shining” could be the quintessential Stanley Kubrick film. The shot selection is exacting and brilliant, the performances brilliant, and the performers themselves traumatised. My last summer at FSU, I took German and three film courses. One of those was … Continue reading

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Halloween (2007)

Over the years, I’ve had the misfortune to like a lot of things that were just bad for me. Various elixirs, pharmaceuticals, tobacco products, McRib sandwiches, etc. Most of these bad things, I’ve managed to overcome. However, I still enjoy … Continue reading

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